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Little Walnut Farm History

In the mid-80's, I was working for the Mar-Shel-Da Acres goat farm while at the same time raising Hampshire and Suffolk sheep as 4-H projects.  My last year in 4-H, I raised and exhibited a Nubian market goat. The judge, Andrea Schaffer, invited me to see her herd. I brought back the foundation of my new herd, Simple Life Farm Raspberry. I fell in love with goats and wasn’t happy with just one breed.  Andrea told me about an Alpine herd named Goose Crossing (Debbie Larkin.)   Debbie was great to work with and let me have all of her foundation does.  I also purchased her semen tank for a little bit of nothing.  I have always been surrounded by good people during my journey with goats.  Along the way, I met a woman by the name of Diana Wetherell. Diana introduced me to Lamanchas and the rest is, as they say, history.  Through Diana, I was able to meet the owners of Little Orchard, Mr. and Mrs. Griner and how lucky I was they let me pick their brains.  They told me the stories about their beginnings with goats.  (Amazing story and if you ever get a chance, please ask both of them to tell you the story.)  In 2006, I sold my herd and traveled the world having a great time.  However, in 2017, I realized how much I missed having dairy goats.  I called the people I knew that would give me the best start and that was William & Martha Griner of Little Orchard Lamanchas.  The winter of 2017-2018 was a crazy time and what I anticipated to be just a few does expanded into 8 with 7 bred does.  I would venture to say - I am back!!!!!!!



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