A big THANK YOU to William & Martha Griner for the amazing second beginning. 

~ 65 Years in Dairy Goats ~

~ Recognized by ADGA as an Historic Herd Name ~

Little Orchard.jpg

GCH Little Orchard CSS Gilt Edge born in 1989. Edge was part of a 4 generation champion dam line and who herself had a champion daughter.  She also produced the dam line of Pure Charm. 

GCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M Born in 1998 she was the dam of 5 champion daughters.

Pure Charm daughters

Pure Jazz (1 champion daughter), Pure Joy (3 champion sons - 4 champion daughters), Pure Love (2 champion daughters), Phoebe (3 champion duaghters), Pia (1 champion son)


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